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News: March 2011

Rivalry drives Higgs hunt

Special video report from the LHC

Physicists put a new twist on graphene

Why do Dirac fermions endure in multilayers?

Earth grew from 'candy floss' rocks

Geological evidence supports models of terrestrial planet formation

Superconductivity from nowhere

Can superconductivity arise when there is no "superconductor"?

Shedding more light on graphene

Controlling inelastic light scattering in the "wonder material" could help make new nanodevices

Heaviest ever antimatter discovered

RHIC produces antihelium-4 from collisions of gold

Quantum probe beats Heisenberg limit

Ultra-precise measurements could help brain imaging and astrophysics

Nuclear physicists protest at isotope facility closure

2012 US budget cancels funding for the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility

Creating quantum dots from buckyballs

Bottom-up approach to creating graphene quantum dots

Fire at US underground lab appears under control

Physicists poised to learn if blaze at the Soudan Mine has damaged their experiments

Life could exist around dying stars

White dwarfs may have Earth-like planets

Japan quake triggers nuclear rethink

Nations to review the safety of their nuclear-power programmes

MESSENGER spacecraft enters Mercury orbit

NASA mission safely circles solar system's smallest planet after mammoth journey

Laser beam could nudge space junk away

Ground-based laser could protect satellites

Single spins flipped in optical lattice

Individual atoms frozen in a Mott insulator are flipped at will

Reading discs with fewer photons

Entangled light extracts more information from optical discs

Tevatron tightens its grip on the Higgs

Evidence mounts for a lighter, more elusive particle

Physicists take stock of quake damage

Facilities in Japan hit, but so far appear to have survived major harm

Star-hungry black hole could blow galactic 'bubbles'

Is gamma-ray emission linked to star capture?

Phase-change memory becomes more portable

Nanotubes shrink power demands

Laser heats up fusion quest

World's largest laser creates conditions for "ignition"

Doppler shift is seen in reverse

Inverse effect observed at optical wavelengths

The battle to find Maxwell's perfect image

New data appear to show a perfect lens without exotic "negative refraction", but many aren't convinced

Distant galaxy helped relight the universe

Astronomers find important clues about reionization

Simon van der Meer: 1925–2011

Nobel laureate who invented way of creating clean antiproton beams dies at 85

'Jumping' artificial atom is tracked in real time

Measurement technique could boost quantum error correction

Bilingualism key to the survival of a language

Mathematical model predicts the survival prospects of local languages

PAMELA data challenge cosmic-ray theory

Proton and helium spectra should be the same, but they're not

NASA's Glory mission fails after take-off

Disaster strikes for $424m craft six minutes after launch

Zinc peels back graphene layers

New processing technique could lead to electronic devices

Ultracold atoms simulate spin-orbit coupling

Physicists probe interaction that could improve quantum simulators

Snapping the birthplace of the human eye

Photos of savannah could boost understanding of human vision

Neutron star has superfluid core

Exotic state of matter persists at hundreds of millions of degrees, say researchers

Discovery hints that meteorites seeded life on Earth

Meteorite rich in ammonia could have provided nitrogen for biological molecules

Nature's building blocks brought to life

Periodic table of shapes could aid theoretical physics