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In this video you will learn how to create POSCAR files in Virtual NanoLab and how to create input files for VASP calculations using the VASP Scripter of Virtual NanoLab.

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News: February 2012

Earthshine could help find life on other planets

New technique detects vegetation and clouds

Plasmons boost light emission from quantum dots

Hybrid nanostructures could make better LEDs

Rain drains energy from the atmosphere

Study shows importance of rain to climate energy budget

Doubts grow over superluminal-neutrino result

Faulty cable could have led to an underestimate of neutrino journey times

Invisibility cloaking goes thermodynamic

Device could shield objects from heat, rather than light

Lab study could aid inkjet printing

Determining when a stretched liquid filament breaks up into many drops

UK overtakes US in research impact

UK now second in physics-quality league behind Canada

Researchers make single-atom transistor

Transistor may help in developing a functional quantum computer

Cyclotrons make commercial quantities of technetium

Breakthrough could alleviate medical-isotope shortages

Graphene-based composites could cool electronics

New thermal interface materials might also prevent solar cells from overheating

DNA nanorobot delivers drugs

Device may be used to treat diseases such as cancer

Uterus contractions caused by electrical coupling

Researchers explain how cells in the uterus behave in synchrony

Optical fibres with integrated semiconductor junctions developed

New fibre could lead to seamless optical-communication systems

Axions could solve lithium problem

Hypothetical particles may have affected nucleosynthesis

Butterfly lights the way to better thermal imaging

Temperature sensor is smaller, faster and more sensitive

Nanoshells could boost photovoltaics

Whispering-gallery structures trap more light

Japanese cosmology centre secures long-term future

Tokyo institute receives $7.5m endowment from US-based Kavli Foundation

Neutrinos point to rare stellar fusion

Borexino catches the first glimpse of pep reaction

Listening with a 'quantum ear'

Tiny microphone could pave the way for quantum acoustics

Physicists create new slow-light technique

Electromagnetically induced transparency seen in nuclear system for first time

How supercontinents are born

Geological model predicts merging of North America and Asia

Raman technique peers into cabin baggage

New scanner could ease airport liquids ban

Theoretical-physics hub opens in South America

South American Institute for Fundamental Research set to tackle subjects ranging from mathematical biology to cosmology

Vertical graphene transistor avoids leakage

New device can be switched on and off

Cool sun could host habitable planet

New super-Earth detected within the habitable zone of a cool star

Spider webs strengthened by local sacrifices

Arachnid silks could inspire improved building designs

Magnetic fields put the brakes on millisecond pulsars

Research could also help better determine pulsar age

Getting to the froth of the matter

Physicists create the "ideal foam" in the lab for the first time

Frequency comb reaches extreme ultraviolet

Device could boost study of fundamental constants