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News: May 2012

DNA tiles pave the way

Fabricating shapes out of single-stranded DNA

Frequency combs to join the hunt for exoplanets

Method could help find Earth-sized bodies

Two new surprises for three-body physics

Efimov-like trimers could exist for long-range interactions and for fermions

Tuna carry Fukushima isotopes to California

Caesium levels could help study of fish migration

New nanosensors could detect disease earlier

Device detects molecules at extremely low concentrations

Square Kilometre Array organization opts for dual-site solution

South Africa and Australia to jointly host world's largest radio telescope

Cloak-on-a-chip unveiled

New microcloak array could be used as a biosensor

How to make a material that shrinks when stretched

Metamaterials could do the "impossible"

Shaken staples stick together

Experiment provides insight into entangled ensembles of U-shaped objects

Geoengineering balloon trial cancelled

SPICE project will be limited to lab experiments

Head of the US nuclear regulator resigns

Particle physicist Gregory Jaczko steps down amid criticisms

Physicists claim new quantum-teleportation record

Photon states teleported 97 km over lake

Infrared vision could help the blind to see

Wireless retinal implant could allow for higher-resolution vision

Levitating drops controlled by fridge magnets

System could be used to model celestial dynamics

Photon-polarization qubits stored in atomic combs

Solid-state devices could be used as quantum repeaters

Physicist convicted of terrorism leaves prison

Former researcher decides against appeal

A cracking approach to nanotechnology

Cracks are exploited to carve out patterns in silicon

Quantum dots give graphene photodetector a boost

Hybrid device is a billion times more sensitive to light

Bow-shock no-show shocks astronomers

Sun is moving slower than we thought relative to interstellar space

Astronomers lift the veil on hidden exoplanet

Discovery using transit-time variations is a first

Frequency comb takes a measure of distance

New interferometry technique uses "thousands of lasers"

Silicon 'prism' bends gamma rays

Surprise discovery could lead to new imaging techniques

Solar-cell efficiency boosted by folds and wrinkles

New organic photovoltaic mimics leaves

Building nanomagnets atom by atom

Iron chains could point to new magnetic effect

Quasars shine a new light on cosmic distances

New method correlates redshift of different quasars

Geophysicists fingerprint sea-level rise

Technique links ice-sheet melting to ocean observations

The yoctogram weighs in

Nanotube mass sensor sets new record

'Missing silicon problem' solved, say geophysicists

Earth's lower mantle matches chondritic meteorites

JUICE picked for launch

European mission to Jupiter squeezes out rival X-ray and gravitational-wave craft

Acoustic analogue to graphene announced

Honeycomb array drilled into Plexiglas reveals tell-tale Dirac cones

Textured glass provides a clear view

Etched surface is glare free and could be either self-cleaning or anti-fogging