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News: July 2012

Italian researchers warn of 'worrying imprudence' over cuts

Spending review decree is approved by senate

Hairy solution to making sensitive artificial skin

Simple sensor can measure pressure, shear and torsion

Polymers help assemble complex nanofeatures

New technique from MIT could help pack more electronic components onto a microchip

Intel invests in extreme-ultraviolet lithography

US company takes a 15% stake in Dutch firm ASML

Prototype ‘Mott transistor’ developed

Phase transition found to occur through bulk of material

Artificial jellyfish engineered from rat heart cells

Study could provide first steps towards reverse-engineering the human heart

X-rays probe the origins of hotspot volcanoes

Experiment may provide evidence for "mantle plume" hypothesis

New chemical bonds possible in extreme magnetic fields

Helium molecules could form near neutron stars

Do dolphins think nonlinearly?

Complex sonar processing sees through bubbles

Graphene defects tracked as they creep and climb

Electron microscope maps dislocations with unprecedented resolution

Physicists solve Casimir conundrum

Drude model is right choice for calculating force

UK to support open access

Government accepts conclusion from report into open-access publishing

Particle trapped with light and heat

System allows precise measurement of thermal forces acting on tiny particles

Galaxy cluster motion seen for the first time

Method could also be used to measure cosmological distances

New metamaterial switches handedness on demand

Artificial chirality-switching structure could boost terahertz devices

Waves of migration could help heal tissue

Ultraslow oscillation plays role in how cells move

Quantum-dot mixture could boost solar cells

New structure extends the lifetimes of charge carriers

Bouncing droplets simulate Zeeman effect

"Walkers" could boost Bohm interpretation quantum mechanics

No-touch technique to measure softness

Nanoscale fluid flows used to probe thin films

Dark-matter filament spotted

Astrophysicists detect extra, invisible mass between galaxy clusters

New boson sparks call for 'Higgs factory'

Former CERN boss Carlo Rubbia outlines vision for muon collider

It's a boson, but what sort?

CERN physicists digest implications of historic discovery

CERN discovers Higgs-like boson

But is the new particle the Higgs as we know it?

Space–time crystals on the horizon

How to build a crystal that is ordered in time as well as space

Tiny pressure sensor takes off

Butterfly aerodynamics measured for the first time