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News: March 2013

Graphene loudspeaker could rival commercial speakers and earphones

Device uses much less power than conventional speakers

Ultrathin 'metascreen' forms latest invisibility cloak

Device can cloak 3D objects in all directions

Amino acids allow bacterial 'nanowires' to conduct electricity

Research could allow similar materials to be synthesized in the lab

Why water prefers the single life

Researchers challenge idea that liquid water has two separate forms

Earth is closer to the edge of Sun's habitable zone

Climate could become a "moist greenhouse"

Intense terahertz pulses cause DNA damage and repair

Pulses show potential for medical therapy

Putting a new spin on photons

Giant photonic spin Hall effect observed in metamaterials

Planck reveals 'almost perfect' universe

Space mission releases first cosmology results

Deep-sea imaging reveals how tectonic plates slide

New layer of melt seen at plate–mantle boundary

Atmospheric ozone variations could affect transatlantic fliers

Scientists question current avoidance strategy

Physicists bang the drum for quantum memory

Data stored and retrieved on thin aluminium disc using vibrations

Nanoparticle coatings determine how superlattices grow

X-ray studies could lead to new types of designer materials

Micro black holes could form at lower-than-expected energies

Colliding particles act like gravitational lenses and focus energy to form a single black hole

Feynman's double-slit experiment gets a makeover

Latest version of famous thought experiment is truest yet, say physicists

Cold hydrogen molecules found on hot stars

Surprise discovery could improve our understanding of white dwarfs

Holographic imaging technique looks through flames

Method could be used by firefighters, as well as in biomedical monitors

Quantum refrigerator is efficient and reusable

Tunnelling electrons chill large objects to below 300 mK

First weak measurements made on optical polarization states

Technique could find use in quantum computers

Tomography reveals nanocrystal superlattice

Technique shows detailed 3D structure of technologically important nanosolids

LHCb nails D-meson 'flipping' from matter to antimatter

New result at 9.1σ could point towards CP violation

Star-shaped waves spotted in shaken fluid

Nonlinear waves interact to break symmetry

Atmospheric electricity affects cloud height

Study connects clouds and cosmic rays

Ernest Moniz nominated as US energy secretary

Obama administration opts for MIT physicist in top energy role

Water dimers detected in atmospheric conditions

Discovery could improve understanding of Earth's radiation balance

Online-learning provider edX doubles to a dozen members

Harvard–MIT education project gains its first international partners

Nanotube transistors detect cancer biomarkers

New technique could give conventional immunoassays a run for their money