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News: May 2013

Physicists design acoustically invisible walls

Method can be used over a range of frequencies

Physicists rethink celebrated Kelvin wake pattern for ships

Satellite images and modelling used to study narrow wakes

Simulating lunar craters and the impacts that cause them

Results suggest projectile materials may remain on the Moon

Redefining the ampere with the help of graphene?

New carbon-based single-electron pump could help redefine the standard unit of current

Blazars help measure extragalactic background light

New method looks at attenuated high-energy gamma rays

Quantum magnetism simulated using ultracold fermions

Antiferromagnetic interaction created between potassium atoms

'Quantum microscope' peers into the hydrogen atom

Technique can directly observe orbital structure

Why some galaxies age before their time

Ancient collision could explain why some young galaxies look old

Magnetic dipoles line up

New interactions could be used to develop future hard-disk drives

Heinrich Rohrer: 1933–2013

Scanning tunnelling microscope pioneer shared Nobel prize

Flipping spins spread like wildfire

Magnetic system could shed light on forest fires and chemical reactions

'Ghostly' 3D images taken without a camera

Simple and cheap technique could be used in medical imaging

Bose–Einstein condensate is in the can

Optical trap could lead to new quantum simulations

Hofstadter's butterfly spotted in graphene

Moiré superlattices create stunning quantum effect

Atmosphere agitated by breaking waves

Study could have implications for atmospheric models

Cosmic flashes could herald birth of black holes

Theory predicts hot flashes for black holes of all sizes

Solar 'sandwich' could cover a variety of surfaces

Flexible photovoltaic made from atom-thin layers

Getting to the bottom of foamy physics

New model describes the evolution of bubble clusters

Cold-atom random laser simulates stellar clouds

Device could provide insights into astrophysics

Nuclear physics goes pear-shaped

Deformed nuclei could point to physics beyond the Standard Model

New insights into what triggers lightning

Cosmic rays and water droplets could play lead role in lightning initiation

Higgs hunters look beyond the Standard Model

Will new physics emerge from 8 TeV collision data?

Interfering atoms could help detect gravitational waves

New scheme could be cheaper than laser-interferometer designs

Glass obeys a cracking good law

Simple study could have implications for planetary science and forensics

Introducing the magnetic hose

How to transmit magnetic fields over long distances

How nanocrystals squeeze through nanotubes

Crystals reform at atomic scale to pass through narrow passages within nanotubes