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News: August 2013

Star's flicker reveals its surface gravity

Surprise discovery could help characterize exoplanets

ESRF €166m upgrade nears completion

Grenoble lab enters a new phase

Chlorine has graphene covered

p-doped material could be suitable for integrated circuits on a chip and RF transistors

New atomic clock sets the record for stability

Researchers aim to modify device for use outside the laboratory

PAMELA reasserts positron excess

New data point towards astrophysical source

NASA's WISE telescope poised for second life as asteroid hunter

Probe will be reactivated for a further three years

Neutron study aims to improve HIV drugs

Hydrogen-bonding sites, pinpointed by neutron crystallography, could improve antiretrovirals

US firm seeks funding for novel 'slingatron' prototype

Device to launch cargo into space orbit

Highly sensitive skin-like sensor lights up at touch

Nanowire LED array works thanks to "piezophototronic effect"

Physicists get to grips with complex systems

Results show that putting too much effort into controlling such systems may actually make them uncontrollable

Shedding light on the masses of exotic nuclides

Precise measurements help explain formation of heavy elements

Earth's 'second moon' target of proposed mission

Researcher draws up an economical scheme to reach the asteroid Cruithne

Tractor beam produced with unstructured light

Researchers pull objects with light at the interface between two fluids

Grains colliding in mid-air create stronger sandstorms

Surprising results from 3D simulations explain how storms are initiated

Skyrmion spin control could help speed up electronics

Technique could have implications for high-density data storage

Emeritus trio scoops the 2013 Dirac Medal

Kibble, Peebles and Rees recognized by the ICTP

New spin on ferromagnetic Kondo effect

Model could be tested on triple quantum-dot system

Radio waves measure atmospheric temperature changes

Method could be used to monitor climate change in the long run

Rotational Doppler shift spotted in twisted light

Unexpected discovery could help astronomers study spinning stars

Has LHCb spotted physics beyond the Standard Model?

B-meson decay could point to new physics

Nanodiamond thermometer takes temperature of biological cells

New device has millikelvin sensitivity