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News: September 2013

Ultrathin solar cell is efficient and easy to make

Performance of perovskite-based devices has improved rapidly

Has a quantum computer solved the 'party problem'?

D-Wave claims another quantum-computing first

Physicists create 'molecules' of light

Ultracold atomic gas binds pairs of photons together

US researchers unveil first carbon-nanotube computer

New manufacturing techniques could lead to fast and energy-efficient commercial nanotube devices

How to store electrical energy as heat

New approach could help improve renewable-energy storage

Scanning tunnelling microscopy and infrared spectroscopy join forces

New technique could boost our understanding of surfaces

LCDs enter the fast lane

Subtle effect speeds up liquid-crystal switching by a factor of a million

Is the universe saddle shaped?

"Open" geometry could account for Planck anomalies

Former physicist Angela Merkel seeks third term as German chancellor

Physicist-turned-politician is hoping for re-election again

Molecules line up in laser grid

Long-range interactions between cold molecules could allow studies of quantum magnetism

Inflatable antenna could send tiny satellites beyond Earth orbit

CubeSats could soon embark on interplanetary missions

Experiment probes strength of the weak interaction

Proton's "weak charge" could reveal new physics

Diatoms bring the quantum effect to life

Alga exoskeleton used as a diffraction grating

New silicon devices are fast, flexible and semi-transparent

Fabrication process could be commercially viable

Tiny switch toggles the position of a single atom

Switch is the smallest memory device ever, say its creators

Artificial muscles lift heavy loads

Polymer-based devices could also generate and store energy

Physicists claim further evidence of link between cosmic rays and cloud formation

Controversial theory gets a boost from the lab

Laser imaging spots brain cancer

Raman scattering could help surgeons sort tumours from healthy brain tissue

Quantum cryptography reaches out to multiple users

One Bob can communicate securely with many Alices

Graphene pioneer Konstantin Novoselov goes Dutch

Nobel-prize winner takes up part-time post at Nijmegen

Asia-Pacific particle physicists back ILC

Consensus grows for building collider in Japan

Quantum cryptography is coming to mobile phones

New technique could offer protection for passwords and other information transmitted using mobile phones