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Mar 10, 2014

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News: April 2014

Nuclear waste heads into the virtual realm

Repository design made cheap and easy with new tool

Could pulsars explain the positron excess?

AMS-02 dataset accounted for without dark-matter contribution

Plasmonic waveguide stops light in its tracks

Design could help build 'stopped-light laser'

Single-atom gates open the door to quantum computing

Independent teams unveil a basic building block of a quantum computer

Acoustic metamaterial can be reconfigured in a jiffy

Breakthrough could lead to ultrasonic superlenses

Have galactic 'radio loops' been mistaken for B-mode polarization?

Evidence for new foreground-to-BICEP2 measurements found

Atom-thin sheets are transferred with ease

New technique avoids messy, wet chemistry

Interferometry tips the scales on antimatter

New proposal for measuring how antihydrogen falls under gravity

Europe launches first Sentinel satellite

Mission will monitor the Earth in unprecedented detail

Carbonaceous 'cosmic barometer' reveals universe's history

Extreme pressures alter molecular structure of aromatic hydrocarbons

Saliva-powered microbial fuel cell built

New graphene-anode cell that produces 1 µW could be used as an ovulation test

Scientists crack oyster's secret of strength

Nanoscale study of sturdy shells could lead to better body armour