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News: January 2014

Sound follows one direction

"Non-reciprocal acoustic circulator" could be scaled for varying frequencies

UK splashes out £270m on quantum technology

Programme will support immediate commercialization

Magnetic monopoles seen in the lab

Physicists create analogue of elusive particle in ultracold gas

Nearby brown dwarf has partly cloudy skies

Clues emerge about weather patterns on "hot Jupiters"

Classroom seismometers could monitor earthquakes worldwide

Low-cost, robust device could help with geophysics education

Energy can be teleported over long distances, say physicists

Quantum effect could occur in semiconductors and the early universe

Coming soon: Rydberg the movie

Free-electron lasers could track the motion of atomic electrons

Quasar shines a bright light on cosmic web

First image of intergalactic filaments obtained

Quantized vibrations are essential to photosynthesis, say physicists

High efficiency of reaction is "unambiguously" linked to non-classical behaviour

Physicists discover 3D versions of graphene

Two compounds have Dirac cones in the bulk

CoGeNT gives further backing to annual dark-matter variation

Telltale fluctuation in particle data refuses to go away

Ultrafast phase measurements could boost optical computing

New device replaces unwieldy vacuum chambers

Flying 'jellyfish' is self-stabilizing

Tiny aircraft is unique among animal-inspired flyers

Flexible circuit mounted on contact lens

New devices could help diagnose glaucoma

Study homes in on the cause of earthquake lights

Strange glow is linked to geological rifts

Integrated quantum circuit is most complex ever

New device could be used in quantum processors

Molecular 'centrifuge' creates ultraslow beams

Spinning device chills polar beam to a temperature of 1 K

Burning soil fuels ball lightning

Spectroscopy reveals silicon and iron in glowing orb

Atmospheric observations could reveal mass of Earth-like worlds

New technique could point towards extraterrestrial life

Infrared light could create hydrogen from water

New catalyst would make more efficient use of sunlight

Pulsar and companions will put general relativity to the test

Discovery offers best-ever test of Einstein's theory

CERN gears up for new experiments

NA62 will look for new physics in a rare kaon decay