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In this video you will learn how to create POSCAR files in Virtual NanoLab and how to create input files for VASP calculations using the VASP Scripter of Virtual NanoLab.

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News: June 2014

Laser shines a new light on isotope separation

Energy-efficient technique could be adapted for medical use

Couple emerges from trio of supermassive black holes

Tightly orbiting pair could create detectable gravitational waves

Dwarf planet could illuminate the dark sector

How to test antigravity using Kuiper belt objects

Relaxation and repulsion helps viruses pack DNA

Research could have biomedical applications

Diamond defect images magnetic domain walls

Method could help develop sophisticated spintronic memories

Physicists seek to cut helium costs

Consortium puts forward helium brokerage plans

Electrons' magnetic interactions isolated at long last

Quantum-information method helps make exquisite measurement

Is D-Wave's quantum computer actually a quantum computer?

Processor is no better than conventional computer on benchmark test

Entangled clocks could provide accurate world time standard

Network could join the search for new physics

Qubits team up to detect errors

Record seven-qubit quantum register built

Shutdown of nuclear-waste site threatens neutrino lab

Underground explosion leads to temporary shutdown of EXO-200

Germany set to pull out of €2bn radio telescope

SKA bosses confident shortfall will be met by other countries

Using magnetic cooling for 'green' refrigeration

More efficient energy consumption one advantage of technique

EXO-200 narrows its search for Majorana neutrinos

Most stringent limit on rate of neutrinoless double β decay set

Big waves cause trouble for sea ice

Wave energy travels further than expected through Antarctic ice

New invisibility cloak works for diffuse light

Breakthrough could lead to burglar-proof glass for your bathroom window

Lasers ignite 'supernovae' in the lab

Experiment studies effects of turbulence on powerful magnetic fields

Exoplanets found orbiting former extragalactic star

One of the oldest habitable worlds found to date

Plans unveiled for world's first X-ray frequency comb

Device could put fundamental physics to the test

Functional MRI tracks neurotransmitters

Method could study important brain functions by mapping neural signals

Physicists lock in on proton's magnetic moment

New result 760 times more precise than previous measurement