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News: October 2015

Leading universities form funding 'clique'

Study finds that institutions occupy "brokerage positions"

Sonic tractor beam can manipulate objects in mid-air

Miniature loudspeakers create acoustic holograms, which levitate particles

Swarming fire ants show solid and liquid properties

New research delves into the mechanics of aggregated fire ants

Ultracold neutrons put a new spin on neutron dipole measurements

Neutron charge imbalance could explain lack of antimatter

Light-based quantum computers will come at a great cost

Linear optical systems will need 100,000 times as many components as matter-based technologies

Chirality affects current flow in graphene transistors

Novel findings could lead to new field of "chiraltronics"

Chinese president to visit UK's graphene hub

National Graphene Institute set for presidential visit tomorrow

Spectroscopy technique offers a new way to define temperature

Lasers could be used to measure Boltzmann's constant

Lasers burn holes in quantum security systems

Hackers can create "loopholes on demand", say physicists

Physicists crack mystery of the spectacular stones of the Giant's Causeway

Basalt columns are formed when cracking becomes a collective process

European superscope reveals its three 'first-light' instruments

Agreements signed for E-ELT's phase 1 instruments with the UK, France, Germany and other European states

NASA finds Pluto steeped in flowing glaciers and kilometre-high mountains

Dwarf planet is colourful and rich in active geology

Berkeley astronomers question future of Geoffrey Marcy after harassment charge

Exoplanet hunter apologizes for "unwelcomed" behaviour with women

Genetic engineering boosts energy transport in artificial photosynthesis

Viral scaffolding allows excitons to travel faster and further

Tiny terahertz accelerator could rival huge free-electron lasers

Thumbnail-sized modules could improve materials research if output can be boosted

Silicon quantum logic gate is a first

Device uses electron spin and is made by conventional semiconductor manufacturing processes

Ultrathin transistor can be turned on with a tiny voltage

New tunnelling device gets around fundamental limit on performance

Dark matter may power supernovae

Claim could be put to the test by new detectors

Art McDonald and Takaaki Kajita win 2015 Nobel Prize for Physics

Pair win for their discovery of neutrino oscillations

Superconductor induces magnetism in non-magnetic gold

Surprising effect could be a boon to superconducting spintronics

Pulsars speed up by tapping into superfluid core

New study explains glitches in cosmic timekeepers

Ferroelectricity discovered on the nanoscale

Surprise result could lead to new electronic materials