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News: August 2015

'Decorated' graphene is a superconductor

Depositing lithium on 2D material generates Cooper pairs

Nanotubes energize laser-accelerated ions

A layer of carbon nanotubes can triple the energy of laser-accelerated carbon ions

World's thinnest diffraction gratings made from graphene

Ultrathin nano-gratings produce high-contrast interference patterns of massive molecules

Could radon and one of its radioactive isotopes reliably predict an earthquake?

Radon–thoron isotope concentrations may peak before an earthquake

Single photons see the light

Photon–photon interactions pave the way to all-optical quantum computers

Joint quantum-computing venture is a first for China

Online retail giant Alibaba and the Chinese Academy of Sciences open lab in Shanghai

Hydrogen sulphide is warmest ever superconductor at 203 K

"Holy grail" discovery is first major step for conventional room-temperature superconductivity

Physicists create a magnetic wormhole in the lab

Spherical device might have very down-to-Earth applications

Imaging the polarity of individual chemical bonds

New variation of atomic force microscopy can observe subtle charge imbalances

GRAND plans for new neutrino observatory

Vast radio array would observe universe via high-energy neutrinos

Physicists get a surprise when watching quasicrystals grow

Error-correction process maintains complicated structure

Physicists isolate neutrinos from Earth's mantle for first time

Italy's Borexino detector provides further insights into radioactive heating of the Earth

Physicist nominated to lead US Department of Energy's Office of Science

Barack Obama has chosen Cherry Murray for top science role

Neutrino-mass measurements could benefit from holmium-trapping result

Resolution of nuclear-decay quandary is important step forward, say physicists

Eye shape reveals whether animal is predator or prey

Horizontal pupils keep grazers safe, vertical pupils help predators to ambush prey

Tiny particles dance around each other in near-zero gravity

$20,000 camera is dropped 3 m to understand how planets are formed

New sunspot analysis shows rising global temperatures not linked to solar activity

Complete 400-year sunspot history recalibrated for the first time

Could quantum 'clocks' tread two different paths to general relativity?

"Self-interacting" atomic clock put in a quantum superposition

Buckyballs give copper a magnetic attraction

Non-magnetic metals become ferromagnetic when in contact with carbon molecules

Giant Magellan Telescope Organization president resigns

Management upheaval hits governing body as Ed Moses steps down

Plan for supersized entanglement is unveiled by physicist

Two 100 g mirrors could behave as quantum-mechanical objects