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News: September 2015

New laser could spot signs of cancer in exhaled breath

High-power infrared device captures molecular fingerprints

India launches ASTROSAT mission

Country's first dedicated astronomy satellite will survey the skies in a range of wavelengths

New magnetic memory devices are difficult to corrupt

Permeability holds the key to stability in magnetic fields

Where is the cosmic rumble from merging black holes?

Silent supermassive binaries thwart attempt to detect gravitational waves

Ultrafast detector spies on multiple electrons in quantum dots

New device could lead to more efficient solar cells

How to put neutrons into a twist

Particle beam with orbital angular momentum could test the foundations of quantum mechanics

Earthquakes could be triggered by sound waves that 'fluidize' faults

New experiments could also explain why some aftershocks occur

Could 'Schrödinger's bacterium' be placed in a quantum superposition?

Physicists explain how to bring a famous thought experiment to life

'Ring of exceptional points' appears on a Dirac cone

Exotic optical phenomenon could lead to better lasers and chemical sensors

Chinese-American physicist cleared of spying allegations

Charges against Xiaoxing Xi dropped after experts say secret design was not passed to Chinese researchers

Physicists defend against Trojan-horse quantum hackers

Simple devices can protect quantum cryptography from eavesdroppers

Are Faraday cages less effective than previously thought?

Calculations suggest that electric field does not drop off exponentially

Solar wind casts a reddish hue over rocky objects

Ion-accelerator experiment could explain why many asteroids are dark red

Kirigami solar cells follow the Sun

Simple new design cheaply increases solar-cell efficiency

New laser sweeps out its own frequency

Technology could reduce the cost of LIDAR and retinal imaging systems

Levitating diamonds could improve motion sensors

Hybrid quantum system combines light, motion and spin

Do general anaesthetics trigger a phase transition in the brain?

Model suggests tiny change in communication could have large effect on neuron interaction

Protein pulling reveals a new way that molecules resist external forces

Atomic-force-microscopy study could help in the development of protein-inspired machines

Galactic shape-shifting signals a decrease in star formation across cosmic history

Study suggests that most stars are born in spiral galaxies but end up in elliptical ones

Physicists claim 'loophole-free' Bell-violation experiment

Photons and diamonds used to simultaneously close detection and locality loopholes for the first time

Antimatter 'surfs' to higher energies on a plasma wave

New positron acceleration technique could boost energies in next-generation colliders