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News: July 2016

Tiny laser makes 'twisted light'

New device could allow orbital angular momentum to be used in telecommunication devices

Great Red Spot powers up the heat on Jupiter

Jovian atmosphere above storm is hundreds of degrees hotter than elsewhere on the planet

Radioactive decay of manganese-54 is not affected by the seasons, says physicist

New study suggests electron-capture process is not influenced by Earth's proximity to the Sun

Palestinian Advanced Physics School is a first

Master's students gather for lectures on advanced topics in particle and synchrotron physics

Delensing of cosmic microwave background could reveal ancient gravitational waves

New technique uses infrared observations to clean up microwave images

World's most sensitive dark-matter search comes up empty handed

"Nightmare scenario" looms as LUX sees no WIMPs

Snell's law for spin waves measured at long last

Law deviates from that governing light and could lead to "magnonic" devices of the future

3D display exploits twisted light

Images are encoded in orbital angular momentum of photons

'Radiation friction' could make huge magnetic fields with lasers

Proposal for measuring poorly understood effect could boost laboratory astrophysics

Nearby supernovae could have affected life on Earth

Events over the past nine million years may have altered evolution

Dark-energy study maps 1.2 million galaxies in the early universe

Findings are consistent with the "Lambda-CDM" model of the universe

Blue is the colour of the universe's first supernovae

Research could help detect most distant and oldest supernovae in the universe

Neural networks provide deep insights into the mysteries of water

Simulations reveal the importance of van der Waals interactions

Electrical waves travel through bioengineered tissue

Genetically modified cells could provide insights into heart disease and lead to biological computers

Relativistic electrons trapped within graphene quantum dots

New way to confine and control Dirac fermions could help make better nanoscale devices

Thirty Meter Telescope may not be built in Hawaii, say astronomers

Officials will decide early next year whether to build the protest-hit telescope at new site

Giant planet orbits three stars and enjoys multiple sunsets

Young gas giant is the smallest planet to be imaged directly

Molecules break up under quantum control

New technique could provide entangled atoms for matter-wave experiments

NASA's Juno craft arrives at Jupiter

$1.1bn mission will study the origin and inner structure of the largest planet in our solar system

New electron-microscopy technique measures magnetism at the atomic scale

Aberration of electron beam allows microscope to pick out magnetic moments

Tiny 3D-printed lens can pass through a syringe needle

High-quality compound lenses could be used on insect-sized drone aircraft