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News: February 2018

Three photons bind together to make a ‘molecule’ of light

Technique could be used to create quantum-information systems

Nuclear excitation by electron capture seen at long last

Breakthrough could lead to new type of energy source

Pistachio trees 'talk' to their neighbours, reveals statistical physics

Ising model could account for nut production of pistachio orchards

US National Science Foundation clamps down on misconduct

Agency will now require every grantee organization to report cases of sexual harassment

Simulations reveal how sharp boundaries endure in soft tissue

Research could help explain how cells organize into complex living systems

TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets could harbour significant amounts of water

All seven worlds circling a red dwarf could be habitable, say astronomers

Topological light makes a quantum connection

Research could lead to more robust quantum-information systems

Heaviest element could have fascinating atomic and nuclear spectra

Simulations suggest oganesson has extremely smooth electron and nucleon distributions

Quasar outflows may create molecules, as well as destroying them

Feedback in active galaxies is more complex than previously thought

Shark inspired aerofoil improves lift and reduces drag

3D-printed structures create beneficial vortexes

Unexpected friction found in superfluid helium-3

Discovery could shed light on neutron-star glitches

Energy-time entanglement detected in photons

Sub-picosecond measurements reveal quantum correlations

American Institute of Physics names new CEO

Physicist and science adviser Michael Moloney takes over in March

Has the muon magnetic moment mystery been solved?

Gravitational effect could be the cause of theory-experiment discrepancy

Rogue magnetic fields put the brakes on laser-driven protons

Upper limit on energy could be tough to beat

Physicists create droplets inside bubbles

New encapsulation structure could have industrial and medical applications

Satellite galaxies of Centaurus A defy dark-matter model

Latest observation concurs with previous studies of the Milky Way and Andromeda