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Watch the video, Introduction to Virtual NanoLab as GUI for VASP

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In this video you will learn how to create POSCAR files in Virtual NanoLab and how to create input files for VASP calculations using the VASP Scripter of Virtual NanoLab.

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News: January 2002

Quantum wires probe electrons

Tunnelling could reveal unusual effects among electrons confined to one dimension

Materials win medals

The Franklin Institute awards its 2002 prizes

Organics aid planetary aggregation

Dust in the early solar system could have clumped together earlier than previously thought

Laser tweezers get a grip on DNA

Versatile optical technique could play a role in fields from biomechanics to nanotechnology

Secret of superconductivity in sight

Magnetic spin could be the key to a single theory of high-temperature superconductivity

Artificial black holes on the horizon

DIY black holes could emit ‘Hawking radiation’

Medics get a dose of physics

Statistical physics techniques are set to help heart and cancer patients

Electrical pulses break light speed record

Long-range 'superluminal' pulses raise hopes of ultrafast data transmission

First light on Gemini South

Giant infrared telescopes to give a super-sharp view of the whole sky

Robert Hanbury Brown

A pioneer of radar and radio astronomy dies at 85

Probe to predict landslides and earthquakes

Electrical signals that herald seismic activity could lead to an early warning system

Neutrons reveal quantum effects of gravity

The step-like motion of falling neutrons could shed fresh light on the nature of gravity

Nuclei put a new spin on quantum computing

Electrical technique could allow quantum states of nuclei to store information

Crystal catches light pulses

The first solid to trap laser pulses could lead to super-efficient information storage

George Rochester

The celebrated physicist whose discovery kick-started modern particle physics dies at 93

Aleksander Prokhorov

The Russian laser pioneer and Nobel Laureate dies at 85

Attractive advance towards magnetic refrigerator

New magnetic materials could lead to environmentally friendly refrigerators

Space-age material could restore sight

A novel light-sensitive ceramic may replace faulty cells in the human retina

Cool laser puts special relativity to the test

Speed check verifies the fundamental theory more accurately than ever

New look for Bose condensates

Quantum phase transitions are seen in an atomic gas for the first time