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News: October 2002

Old star sheds light on creation of elements

Astronomers have observed an ancient star containing very little metal for the first time

First glimpses inside an anti-atom

Physicists make first background-free observation of cold anti-hydrogen’s internal states

Per Bak 1948--2002

Danish physicist who helped to develop "self-organized criticality" dies

First light for attophysics

Physicists have used an attosecond X-ray source to directly measure the decay of an electron cloud in an atom for the first time

Molecules power nanoscale computers

Scientists have made tiny mechanical logic circuits from cascading molecules

Quantum logic: to be, or NOT to be?

Physicists demonstrate a quantum NOT gate for the first time

Lasers target hard drugs

Laser spectroscopy could be used to detect heroin and morphine

INTEGRAL takes off

The European Space Agency has launched the most sensitive ever gamma-ray observatory

The Milky Way's dark secret

It’s official: there is a supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way

Caesium joins the condensates

Caesium has become the seventh element to form a Bose condensate

Lithium joins the superconductors

When subjected to high pressures lithium has the highest superconducting transition temperature of any element

Hollow core cuts Raman thresholds

Photonic fibres could shift gas-based nonlinear optics into a new regime

X-rays illuminate nova explosions

Astronomers assemble the first “before and after” pictures of a nova

Nobel Prize rewards neutrino astrophysics and X-ray astronomy

Ray Davis, Masatoshi Koshiba and Riccardo Giacconi share the 2002 Nobel Prize for Physics

Beer paper wins Ig Nobel physics prize

A German physicist has received the 2002 Ig Nobel prize in physics

Quantum key travels record distance

Scientists have set a new record for free-space quantum cryptography

Pugwash urges end to weapons

Britain must decide now not to build successor to Trident, say scientists

Invisible circuits in a flash

A new transparent conductor could revolutionize optoelectronics

Atom lithography sees the light

A new technique for making integrated circuits draws on the principles of magnetic resonance imaging

Water powers novel chips

A new kind of integrated circuit runs on water instead of electricity