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News: June 2002

Electron pulses reach the femtosecond scale

Bursts of electrons – rather than light – could probe ultra-fast processes

Galactic lenses cut black holes down to size

Quasar claim could boost models of the early Universe

Defects combine to make perfect devices

Physicists have shown it is possible to make near-perfect devices from defective components

Hawking scoops book prize

The Universe in a Nutshell wins the 2002 Aventis Prize for Science Books

KEK names new leader

Cosmic ray expert is made boss of Japan’s high-energy physics lab

Silver foils the diffraction limit

Fine patterns on metal films could lead to smaller photonic and electronic devices

Magnetic spins to store quantum information

Long-lived spin clusters in magnetic compounds could be ‘entangled’

Laser lithography makes cheaper chips

A new manufacturing process could revolutionize the semiconductor industry

Jets unravel nebula puzzle

Gas jets could explain the elongated structure of many planetary nebulas

Single photons to soak up data

New technique could lead to super-efficient quantum communication

Magnets open the gate to nanoscale logic

Physicists create the first metallic NOT gate to work at room temperature

Tiny transistors nudge the nanoscale

The first transistor made from a single atom could lead to practical nanoelectronics

Lasers propel paper aeroplanes

‘Ablation’ technique could be scaled up to make lightweight aircraft

Lawrence Livermore names new boss

Nuclear physicist is made director of the US government lab

Three more nations offer to host $4bn fusion experiment

France, Japan and Spain offer to host the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor

New phase shift for neutrons

Neutron interferometry confirms quantum prediction

Quantum dots count microwave photons

Single-photon detector could boost fundamental research and new technologies