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News: September 2002

Bell Labs physicist fired for misconduct

Jan Hendrik Schön has been charged with 16 counts of scientific misconduct

Poles hint at past climate on Mars

New evidence is set to reveal the history of our nearest neighbour

Laser pioneer loses court battle

The inventor of the blue LED and laser cannot reclaim his patent rights

Cosmic microwaves get polarized

New measurements of the cosmic microwave background probe the dynamics of the early universe

Cold antiatoms arrive in large numbers

Physicists at CERN have made 50,000 cold antihydrogen atoms

NASA names the successor to Hubble

NASA has awarded a contract worth $825m to TRW to build the James Webb Space Telescope

HP announces molecular electronics breakthrough

Researchers at Hewlett-Packard have made the highest density memory chip

Nuclei reveal novel decay

Physicists have observed two-proton radioactivity

Optical tweezers grab the limelight

A self-correcting laser beam can manipulate particles in new ways

Stars prove their magnetic attraction

New observations confirm that some stars are powered by magnetism

MEMs see the light

Electrode implants could provide a cure for blindness

DNA gives new life to dye lasers

Japanese physicists demonstrate a DNA laser

Diamond - a physicist's best friend

New results pave the way for diamond-based electronics

Female-friendly physics

Women physicists spell out what needs to be done to close the academic gender gap

Condensate cracks Fermi gas

Physicists probe the interactions between distinct types of atomic gas