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News: December 2004

Highlights of the year

PhysicsWeb selects the top ten developments in 2004

Microlever feels the chill

New approach could allow force microscopes to operate in the quantum regime

Supercool helium ions make their debut

"Sympathetic cooling" could lead to new tests of fundamental physics

Science selects "Water on Mars" as breakthrough of the year

Results from the red planet top magazine's list of research highlights from 2004

Molecular orbitals come into view

Laser physicists close in on single electrons

Red blood cells are go!

Indian physicists use lasers to drive a cellular motor

A microscopic "fountain pen"

Atomic force microscope writes with molecular "ink"

Ups and downs for superconducting films

Quantum effects cause transition temperature to oscillate in ultrathin films

Physicist solves desert mystery

Sand dunes use elastic waves to "sing"

Magnetic effects seen in water

Melting point can be changed by applying a magnetic field

New look for nanofabrication

Quantum technique beats classical limit by a factor of two

Quantum cryptography wins Descartes prize

EU recognizes research into quantum techniques to ensure secure communication

Quantum errors can be corrected

Physicists overcome another obstacle in the effort to build a quantum computer