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News: April 2004

Nanotube transistors speed up

Electronic devices based on carbon nanotubes have moved a step closer

Carbon-50 makes its debut

Chinese researchers make the "little sister" of carbon-60

Making new minerals on the Moon

Researchers have discovered a new mineral in a meteorite from the Moon

Physics and fame

Researchers have shown that there is a direct link between fame and merit in science

Physics goes to Hollywood

A physicist in Florida is using films to teach his students

Magnetic recording has a speed limit

Experiment at accelerator shows that recording speeds cannot increase for ever

Spiders get a grip

Microscopy experiments reveal the importance of van der Waals forces for our eight-legged friends

Gravity Probe B takes off

Experiment will check two untested predictions of general relativity

Fermi gases approach superfluid regime

Groups in the US and Austria have seen evidence for superfluidity in a gas of fermions

Terahertz radiation targets skin cancer

New technique could offer non-invasive alternative to conventional approaches

Reversal of fortune for Turin Shroud

Italian researchers have detected a second face on the famous Shroud

Geophysicists turn up the pressure

Novel phase transition could explain the Earth's mysterious D" layer

When did stars form?

Star formation peaked more recently than previously thought

Gravitational-wave detector goes underground

Japan builds laser-based experiment in new approach

Physicists move closer to the quantum limit

A tiny mechanical arm has been made to vibrate at just above the limits of the uncertainty principle