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News: June 2004

Entanglement breaks new record

Five-photon first for quantum information

Could dark energy be studied in the lab?

Simple superconducting circuits could tell us more about the mysterious substance that makes up 73% of the universe

Russian physicist scoops low temperature award

Grigory Volovik wins 2004 Simon Memorial Prize

New look for molecular photodiodes

Novel device switches photocurrent direction depending on wavelength of light

New light on dark energy

Results lend further support to the existence of dark energy

Thomas Gold: 1920 - 2004

Maverick astronomer and geoscientist dies aged 84

Extraterrestrial impact created in the lab

Small-scale meteoritic impact could shed light on processes in larger collisions

New particle baffles physicists

Meson decays defy the rule book at Fermilab

Teleportation breaks new ground

Two groups teleport information between ions for the first time

Astrophysics project wins outreach award

Dutch school children plan to study the origins of cosmic rays

Bill Bryson bags book prize

Best-selling travel writer scoops leading prize for science books

Self-assembly made easy

Electric fields could challenge micro-tweezers in the electronics industry

Microscopy moves to the picoscale

Higher-harmonic approach reveals surfaces in more detail than ever before

Over the top

Precision measurements of the mass of the top quark at Fermilab allow for a heavier Higgs boson

Elephants turn to seismic communication

Rayleigh waves may help the largest of the mammals to talk to each other

Nanobulbs make their debut

Chinese physicists have used carbon nanotubes as the filament in a light bulb

New clues in search for theory of superconductivity

Novel magnetic excitations have been observed in two different high-temperature cuprate superconductors

Hidden black holes come into view

Virtual observatories make their first big breakthrough