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News: July 2005

Quantum boost for optical clocks

New approach to laser spectroscopy could lead to more accurate time-keeping

Geoneutrinos make their debut

Fundamental particles could offer new way to probe inside the Earth

Surfaces have built-in "fingerprints"

Laser-based technique could replace existing security measures such as holograms

Electric fields move water droplets

New effect could be used to automate experiments in chemistry

Atomic crystals go 2D

One-atom-thick materials created

Timing electrons

Physicists have measured the time it takes an electron to hop between atoms

New light on the weak force

Particle physicists show that the weak interaction varies with distance

New look for hydrogen storage

Novel technique involves layers of graphite

Commemorating 60 years of the bomb

Giant flame simulates atomic blast in Nevada desert

Is bubble fusion back?

Physicists say they have found supporting evidence for nuclear fusion in a tabletop device

Prizes reward high-energy physics

The European Physical Society has announced the winners of its 2005 awards

New exoplanet defies theory

Astronomers have discovered a new planet in a star system that contains three Suns

Understanding the Boxing Day earthquake

GPS data have confirmed that the earthquake that caused the Indian Ocean tsunami happened very quickly

Fingernails store personal information

Japanese researchers are using femtosecond laser pulses to write data into human fingernails

Bottoms down for quarks

Particle physicists have observed a rare process

Swimming around in circles

Researchers learn more about the behaviour of E. coli near solid surfaces

Crash exposes comet's inner secrets

"Deep Impact" has successfully crashed into comet Tempel 1