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News: September 2005

Monitoring the Moon

Public participation could lead to improvements in the lunar calendar

Metallic superfluid seen in computer

Theorists predict new state of matter at pressures of 4 million atmospheres

New pill gets a grip

New device could stop and start as it moves along the gut

New look for laser accelerators

Vacuum device demonstrates its potential

Can proteins perform logic?

Theorists propose a way for proteins to carry out logic operations

A giant leap for nanodroplets

Experiment with gold droplets on carbon surface could have widespread applications

Thyristors go organic

New material could have applications and also be of fundamental interest

Cold plasmas move on

New plasma source could have applications in medicine and dentistry

A cold twist on the Hanbury Brown Twiss effect

Physicists discover classic effect in ultracold quantum gases

Nanomagnets come together

Physicists have shown that two nano-scale magnets can be made to oscillate in phase

Sir Hermann Bondi: 1919 - 2005

Cosmologist and pioneer of the steady-state theory of the universe dies

What music do you like?

Statistical physicists reveal our increasingly idiosyncratic musical tastes

Power walking

Scientists in the US have made a back-pack that can generate electricity while you walk

Colloids go exotic

Dutch physicists have made novel crystal structures with suspensions of tiny particles

Comet reveals its secrets

The first results from the Deep Impact mission are about to be published

Joseph Rotblat dies

Nuclear physicist turned peace campaigner dies aged 96

Europe plans laser-fusion facility

Laser physicists hope to build "fast ignition" HiPER

The physics of pasta

Physicists have solved a long-standing mystery about how spaghetti breaks