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About this event

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25 Feb3 Mar 2013
Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk region, Russian Federation
Registration deadline
Jul 1, 2012
The Russian Federal Nuclear Center – All-Russia Research Institute of Technical Physics (RFNC-VNIITF), the Institute of Metal Physics of UB RAS
Contact address
Vadim Arbuzov
18, S.Kovalevskaja str.
Russian Federation
+7-343-3783850, 3783538


The 10th International Ural Seminar

The seminar will take place at the Dalnaya Dacha Sanatorium near the town Kyshtym, in the Southern Urals (about 100 km from Ekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk).
Topics for contributions and discussions at the Seminar are planned as follows:
1. general problems of radiation damage physics;
2. materials for nuclear and thermonuclear power engineering, new approaches to creation of radiation-resistant oxide dispersion-hardened (DUO) structural steels;
3. the features of processes that occur in structural materials at high-dose neutron and ion irradiation;
4. new tendencies in physics of strongly correlated d- and f-electron systems;
5. radiation effects in magnets, superconductors, semiconductors and insulators;
6. radiation technologies in manufacture of materials with preset properties;
7. facilities and techniques of experiment.
Detailed discussions are envisaged on the problems:
 effect of irradiation on changes in microstructure and properties of metals and alloys;
 direct atomistic modeling (molecular dynamics, first-principle calculations) of both the radiation damage and radiation defects evolution proper, and the properties of materials after radiation exposure, including changes in microstructure, mechanical and thermodynamic properties, and effect of irradiation on electronic structure and magnetic properties;
 specific features of formation of nano- and submicrocrystalline structure of alloys under the radiation and deformation;
 gaseous impurities in irradiated metals and alloys;
 corrosive processes occurring in structural materials in gaseous and liquid metal environments at neutron irradiation;
 mechanism of structural changes in various fuel compositions;
 effect of nano- and submicrostructure on the radiation damaging of materials;
 effect of structural-phase transformations on deformation and radiation defects in metals and alloys;
 effects of irradiation, structural inheritance in actinides, their alloys and model analogs;
 investigations of structural and magnetic properties of perspective materials with the use of neutron and X-ray irradiation;
 ordering phenomena, properties of systems with hard fermions and an intermediate valence, superconductivity, phase transitions and electron localizations.
Within the framework of the Ural Seminar we schedule conducting an ISTC Working seminar. This will allow us to organize a broad discussion of the presentations made, determine the programs of further researches, establish new creative ties, and outline the scope of problems which may serve as a basis for new joint investigations, including those under ISTC projects. One of the tasks at the WS will be discussion of project proposals from the ISTC database, which have received approval without financing, and which may appear promising for implementation in the interests of the nuclear power engineering and the nanomaterial science, including realization of “Proryv” programme and “TerraPower” company projects.