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Biological & medical physics

For the latest news, features and products in biological & medical physics


Electric eel inspires new power source

Device could run medical implants

CERN-MEDICIS produces first medical isotopes

New Geneva-based facility makes terbium-155 for research use

Kepler and Newton help solve mystery of how some algae swim

Biophysicists identify “universal law” of microbe motion

Simple swimmer could drive tiny robots

Flash Physics: need-to-know updates from the world of physics

In depth

A matter of time

Why Time Flies: a Mostly Scientific Investigation, is an interesting exploration into how humans perceive the passage of time, writes Hamish Johnston

A gateway to the biological world

Optical physicist Gail McConnell discusses how novel biomedical imaging techniques are changing the kinds of questions biologists can ask

Just beyond our fingertips

An optical glucose sensor would be a boon for millions of people with diabetes. So why hasn’t someone built one yet? Kate Bechtel discusses the factors standing in the way

Deducing how dinosaurs moved

Matthew R Francis describes how physicists are modelling the movements of these ancient beasts