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World's most sensitive dark-matter search comes up empty handed

"Nightmare scenario" looms as LUX sees no WIMPs

Quantum computer simulates fundamental particle interactions for the first time

Trapped ions model the creation and annihilation of electron–positron pairs

KM3NeT neutrino sea-scope takes shape

Collaboration unveils detailed plans for world's largest neutrino array

ITER fusion-reactor schedule slips by five years

US will retain membership in multi-billion euro collaboration

Jailed Iranian physicist freed temporarily after cancer treatment

Omid Kokabee on medical parole after five years in prison

IceCube's search for sterile neutrinos draws a blank

Measurement at the South Pole rules out previous potential sightings of the hypothetical particles

Plans for a laser-driven gamma-ray beam are unveiled by physicists

Simulations show how electrons zigzagging in a magnetic field could generate megaelectronvolt photons

Parallel-universe search focuses on neutrons

Particles could be in a superposition of different branes, say physicists

Elusive nuclear-clock transition spotted in thorium-229

Discovery could lead to much more precise frequency standards

Theorizing about the LHC's 750 GeV bump

Four new papers try to explain a tantalizing excess of photon pairs

Laureates call for cut to highly enriched uranium

35 Nobel laureates say nuclear reactors should use low-enriched uranium

Nuclear contraband could be spotted using laser pulses

New technique can detect radioactive material at distances of a few hundred metres

CERN fails to confirm Fermilab tetraquark discovery

X(5568) does not appear in proton–proton collisions at LHCb

Rare-isotope decay links tiny grains to stellar explosions

Discovery helps to explain how elements are made in novae

Fermilab bags a tetraquark

Particle made of four different quark flavours is a first