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Instrumentation and measurement

Instrumentation and measurement

Atomic Force Microscopy for Life Science Research

07 Apr 2020 Sponsored by Bruker

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Join this webinar to learn about fundamental AFM techniques for the investigation of a variety of samples in life science

This webinar covers the application of our multipurpose AFM platform allowing comprehensive characterization of biological samples, such as, live cells, tissues and biomaterials on the nanoscale. Various sample parameters like topography, stiffness and adhesive interaction will be investigated under controlled physiological conditions. True optical integration allows the simultaneous use of advanced inverted optical microscope techniques. You will also learn about single cell force spectroscopy (SCFS), cell-substrate or cell-cell/tissue interactions.


Dr Tanja Neumann
JPK BioAFM Application Scientist


Carmen Pettersson
Senior Manager Product Marketing Manager


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