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Culture, history and society

Celebrating 10 years of the Physics World Book of the Year

28 Nov 2019 Tushna Commissariat

This episode of the Physics World Weekly podcast is a special celebration of our Physics World Book of the Year award, to mark its 10th anniversary . Ahead of announcing this year’s shortlist of Top 10 physics books (which will be out on 6 December), we look back at the last decade of popular physics books and award-winning science writing.

In the podcast, Physics World’s current and previous reviews editors Tushna Commissariat and Margaret Harris, together with editor-in-chief Matin Durrani, discuss some of their favourite books from the 100 that made it to our shortlists this past decade – How to Teach Physics to Your Dog, How the Hippies Saved Physics, Serving the Reich, Furry Logic, Inferior, The Glass Universe, Hidden Figures,  The Dialogues and many more – as well as chat about some pet peeves and personal favourites of science writing.

Oh, and make sure you tune into the December Physics World Stories podcast to find out the winner of the 2019 Book of the Year!

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