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Eco chic: clothing made from trees, inspired by spiders

10 Oct 2023 James Dacey

Clothing is something most of us would struggle to live without. As well as serving practical functions, what we choose to wear is also an important part of expressing our identities. Unfortunately, the fashion industry is also responsible for 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions, requires vast amounts of water, and can release chemicals into the environment.

This short video looks at a more sustainable type of textile being developed by Finnish company Spinnova, which involves transforming wood fibre into textile fibre. The mechanical process – inspired how a spider spins its strong and tensile silk into webs – results in fibres that are recyclable and biodegradable, have a significantly smaller carbon footprint and require 99.5% less water.

Spinnova’s co-founder and executive chair is Janne Poranen, a physicist who realized a traditional academic career was not the path for him. Poranen speaks to science journalist Julianna Photopoulos about his career and his company’s vision – in this article ‘Spinning a sustainable fashion revolution: meet the physicists turning wood into clothes‘.

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