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Medical physics

Medical physics

Introducing the RadCalc Portal: a window into the future of your single-platform QA solution (RadCalc v7.3.1)

13 Jul 2023 Sponsored by LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen

Available to watch now, LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen explores what is new in the latest release of RadCalc Portal

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In this webinar we will cover what is new in the release of version 7.3.1 of RadCalc.

In the first version, the RadCalc Portal simplifies your workflow with a patient dashboard. It offers tools for quick acknowledgment and approvals, and additionally, track the machine performance with automatic fractional log file QA.

The benefits of attending this webinar, ran by Carlos Bohorquez, are:

  • Learn how to find our newest releases, the importance of reading change logs, and how to best reach us for questions.
  • Get to know the new automation features and new workflows with the RadCalc Portal.
  • Explore how patient-specific QA in RadCalc goes beyond the secondary check to the machine performance and validation of the dose delivered pre-treatment and in vivo dosimetry.
  • New Documentation will be discussed, as well as an updated technical support e-mail address.

Want to learn more on this subject?

Carlos Bohorquez, MS, DABR is the product manager for RadCalc at LifeLine Software Inc, a part of the LAP Group. An experienced board-certified clinical physicist with a proven history of working in the clinic and medical device industry, Carlos’ passion for clinical quality assurance is demonstrated in the research and development of RadCalc into the future.

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