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Physics World just got bigger

21 May 2018 Susan Curtis

We are delighted to welcome three new expert editors to the Physics World team, each of whom will be working to expand our coverage of a specific research field that benefits from an interdisciplinary approach. Tami Freeman will focus on medical physics and the biosciences, Liz Kalaugher will specialize in environment and energy, and Anna Demming will be covering materials science and technology, particularly at the nanoscale.

Photos of Liz Kalaugher, Tami Freeman and Anna Demming

Tami, Liz and Anna have been writing about their specialist fields for many years, and you can explore their content in detail through our topic pages for medical physics, biophysics and bioengineering, environment and energy, and materials. We are also introducing specialist e-mail newsletters in each of these areas, and we’ll be in touch to let you know how you can sign up to receive these weekly e-mail updates.

In a particularly exciting initiative, our three new editors have also been working with groups of PhD students who have shown a real talent for science communication. Tami, Liz and Anna have provided training and mentorship to more than 50 student contributors over the last year or so, and these students have together have written more than 150 news articles about scientific advances that have piqued their interest.

This initiative has been so successful that we now plan to expand our student network into other fields covered by Physics World. If you are a PhD student who would relish the chance to work alongside our professional science journalists, or you know a student who is a great communicator, find out how to join our network of student contributors.

As ever, we’re keen to know what you think about the Physics World site and our newly expanded content programme. Please contact us at to let us know your views.

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