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Medical physics

Medical physics

ProKnow; Distribute tasks, centralize knowledge, and harness the power of big data.

01 Apr 2020 Sponsored by Elekta


Benjamin Nelms is an inventor, scientist, and entrepreneur in the radiation therapy industry. Since 2005, Ben’s company called Canis Lupus LLC has invented, designed, and commercialized a host of products across multiple vendors. In 2016, Ben co-founded the company ProKnow to bring ‘big data’ analytics and vital cloud-based capabilities to the field of radiation oncology. Ben’s focus is to create innovative products to help drive changes that are so critical to healthcare, such as (1) to increase the true and measurable quality of care without increasing costs, (2) to ensure safety, (3) to inspire profound knowledge, and (4) to enhance the professional lives of clinicians by providing useful and intuitive tools and services. ProKnow is not available in all markets.

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