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21 Jun 2018

Every day the expert science writers and editors here at Physics World work hard to bring you exclusive news and analysis of the latest research discoveries, industry innovations and policy developments that affect the global scientific community. Our collective mission is to make Physics World the number-one news website for professional scientists in all parts of the world, and just a couple of weeks ago we welcomed three new subject editors to boost our coverage of fast-moving fields that benefit from an interdisciplinary approach.

We remain committed to making all our online content free to read, ensuring that the widest possible audience can learn about the scientific advances that benefit industry, the economy and society. But we are now asking you to register with Physics World to gain access to all our online content, and to show your support for our independent, informed and innovative science communication programme.

Once you have read three articles in any 30-day period, you will need to register to continue enjoying any further online content. As part of the quick and easy registration process, you’ll be able to choose which e-mail newsletters you want to receive and you can tell us which scientific topics you’re most interested in – which will help us to develop our content programme to better meet your needs. Once registered and signed in, you’ll also find that the prominent messages encouraging you to register will disappear from view.

Finally, in these days of heightened awareness around data protection, a word of reassurance. Your e-mail address and contact details are safe with us: we will use them only to manage your account and to send you the content you wish to receive. You will only receive messages from Physics World and our publisher IOP Publishing if you choose to do so.

If you have previously registered with Physics World, or with any of our sister sites (, or, you will need to check your details and reset your password before you can enjoy unlimited access to our content. Simply enter your e-mail address into the registration form (or into the box below), and you will be guided through a short process to reset your password, update your details, and confirm your subscriptions to our free e-mail newsletters.

As ever, please contact us at to share your views on any aspect of the Physics World site.

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