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Everyday science

Sweet-talking physics

11 Sep 2014 Louise Mayor

By Louise Mayor

We’re always up for trying new formats and approaches to journalism here at Physics World. You’ve probably seen our documentary-type films, podcasts and 100 Second Science video series, but the latest addition to our repertoire is a short monthly video in which one of our editorial team highlights something in the upcoming or current issue as a kind of taster.

So this month, I decided to take the plunge and get in front of the camera myself to present the third edition of what we have started jokingly referring to in the office as our “fireside chats”. (Here are the July and August versions.)

As for the topic, I wanted to tell you about an article – which I edited and found really interesting – by science journalist Jon Cartwright about a hypothetical particle that could potentially solve three of the biggest mysteries in physics.

I know that watching a talking head for minutes on end – especially when that head is waffling on about abstract concepts – isn’t the most thrilling kind of video, so I decided to use some props bought from my local supermarket. The result? I’m not sure, see what you think.

If you would like to check out the article in question – “A fourth type of neutrino” – along with the rest of the September issue of Physics World, then if you’re a member of the Institute of Physics (IOP) you can access the digital edition on desktop via or on any Apple device via the Physics World app, available from the App Store. (Please note that the new Android version from Google Play is not ready yet but will be available soon.) If you’re not yet in the IOP, you can join as an IOPimember for just £15, €20 or $25 to get a full year’s access to Physics World both online and through the apps.

Thanks for watching!

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