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A quantum sense of smell

Why does an orange smell like an orange? The answer may have a quantum connection

An adjustable vision for the world

Josh Silver on how his adjustable glasses can bring clear vision to billions in the developing world

The ever-expanding Zooniverse

Chris Lintott discusses the evolving nature of citizen science

Book of the Year 2014

Which book received the highest honours in our list of the year's best popular-physics titles?

We need to talk about quantum mechanics

Join a motley crew of physicists and science journalists at a quantum boot camp

A theorist's bucket list

S James Gates Jr talks about the physics discoveries he would like to see happen in his lifetime

The sound man

Join acoustical physicist Trevor Cox on his "scientific odyssey of sound"

The wonderful world of ultrasound

From levitating tiny balls to safeguarding bridges, ultrasound has more applications than you might think

Sean Carroll's guide to making better science movies

Cosmologist Sean Carroll discusses his other life as a science adviser to Hollywood

The story of neutrinos

Astronomer Ray Jayawardhana explains what these "pathologically shy" particles could tell us about the universe