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News: August 2006

NMR goes optical

New nuclear-magnetic resonance technique could produce real-time, high-resolution images of samples

Photonic crystals go magnetic

Researchers make a novel type of photonic crystal from "magnetic atoms"

Nanotube resonators break gigahertz barrier

Holy Grail of NEMS performance delivers attogram sensitivity

Hidden hydrogen could force galaxy rethink

Astrophysicists using NASA's FUSE satellite have found more deuterium than previously thought

Neutrino Nobel laureate dies

Physicist who invented method for making neutrino beams has died at 73

Pluto relegated to dwarf status

Astronomers define ninth planet and its largest moon as double-dwarf system

Gravity lens reveals dark matter

Multiple observations of colliding galaxies provide evidence of dark matter

Satellite protection plan could backfire

Protecting satellites from solar storms could disrupt global radio communications

Top hydrogen-storing polymer revealed

Korean physicists discover a polymer that shows great promise for hydrogen fuel cells

See-through silver

Researchers develop a way to make metal films transparent

World's most creative physicist revealed

A new citation study concludes that Phil Anderson has the highest "creativity"

Plasmas move into dentistry

Researchers develop a "plasma needle" that can kill oral bacteria

COBE team wins cosmology prize

Astrophysicists honoured for their work on the cosmic microwave background

Galaxy survey fails to add up

Californian astronomers are bewildered by strange anomaly in number of galaxies

Atomic clocks feel the heat

Physicists have calculated the tiny shift in the atomic transition frequencies of a caesium atom due to blackbody radiation

Astrophysicist and space pioneer dies

James Van Allen has died at the age of 91

Where did all the lithium go?

Riddle over the universe's missing lithium could be solved

Dirac medal for atomic physicist

Prestigious physics prize recognizes success in quantum information

It's raining again

Scientists think they know why rain can start so suddenly from cumulus clouds

Superconductor reveals its true colours

Phonons could play a crucial role in high-temperature superconductivity

Moon's bulge linked to early orbit

Calculations suggest the Moon's unusual bulge was created early on in its history.

World's "bluest" sky revealed

Brazil is the place to visit if you want to enjoy the best blue sky

Refining the fine-structure constant

Measurements with trapped single electrons improves value of alpha by a factor of ten