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News: June 2008

Gamma-rays put limit on universe’s background light

Radiation from distant quasar travels relatively unhindered to Earth

Glass arrested on the road to crystallization

Experiments on colloidal gels shed light on how glass is formed

Viruses get X-rayed

New technique generates X-ray diffraction images of single viruses

Rising cost of oil 'due to speculation'

Statistical physics-based study implies growing demand cannot account entirely for trend

Table-top experiment could explain why continents drift

Interactions between convection cells and solid objects provide insight into how 'supercontinents' form and then break apart

CERN hopes LHC report will dispel doomsday fears

New report reinforces earlier conclusion that there is no cause for concern from strangelets or black holes

'Excitonic integrated circuit' is a first

Device used excitons to switch beams of light

Combination technique shows the strain

Moiré technique and electron holography combined to give 2D strain map

No extra cash for UK physics

Suggestion that £80m was 'cut' from budget is 'simply wrong', says government

NMR sheds new light on protein interactions

Free proteins change shape prior to binding, say biophysicists

Disorder puts the brakes on matter waves

Independent groups see 'Anderson localization' in ultracold gases

'Plutoids': the new name for Pluto-like dwarf planets

IAU decides on sub-classification that will include larger sibling Eris

GLAST blasts off in search of gamma rays

Space telescope could soon shed light on some of the most violent astrophysical processes in the universe

DAFNE enjoys a particle boost

Upgrade is proving to be a success, and will lead to 'new physics'

Fastest supercomputer overtaken by Roadrunner

US machine will be used initially to model cosmology, astrophysics and the climate

What's your Wu index?

New measure aims to improve how scientists are ranked according to their publication record

Multi-particle entanglement in solid is a first

Three diamond nuclei are entangled by international team

Electrical noise measures Boltzmann constant

Measurement could help to redefine the Kelvin unit of temperature

Extreme UV light made easy

Breakthrough could lead to the first 'tabletop' EUV source