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Editor's choice

Jan 19, 2014

A special free-to-read digital edition containing 10 of our very best feature articles on the science and applications of light

News: July 2011

Funding shortfall hits European X-ray laser facility

Russia gives €50m to help plug €150m funding gap, but more is needed

Elusive Sun waves come into focus

NASA's SDO spots an abundance of Alfvénic waves in the Sun's corona

Spinons take the heat

Spin-charge separation seen in bulk at last

Microwave study bursts Hubble bubble

Physicists write off alternative to dark energy

Was the universe born spinning?

Galaxy study suggests net angular momentum may exist

New laser technique makes cold positronium

Exotic "atoms" could help us understand where missing antimatter went

Higgs cornered in Grenoble

Is a low-mass Higgs emerging from LHC results?

Aerosols must be considered by climate models

Airborne particles could have caused lull in warming

Carbon nanotubes could store solar energy

New material on par with lithium-ion batteries

Cloak could hide ships from flowing water

Design could lead to more efficient vessels

Artificial leaves make fuel from sunlight

New solar cells liberate hydrogen

Radioactive decay accounts for half of Earth's heat

Geoneutrino detector probes deep into the Earth

Light propagates as if 'space is missing'

Device that transmits light with zero-phase delay could boost optoelectronics

Dark energy spotted in the cosmic microwave background

Gravitational lensing focuses directly on the dark sector

Physics student awaits espionage trial in Iran

Omid Kokabee will appear before judge tomorrow, say close sources

Inkjet printing produces high-performance transistors

New technique combines two types of ink

Camera fits on the head of a pin

Microscopic device can be made for a few pennies

Nanowire laser could boost data storage

Tiny devices could probe biological cells

How to make a superlens from a few cans of cola

Home-made resonators beat diffraction limit

Nanomagnet memories approach low-power limit

Ultralow power devices could revolutionize electronics

Electrical processes provide the initial spark for eyesight

Conventional view of eyesight challenged by experimental work

Drumming to a cooler quantum beat

Ground state endures for much longer due to new micro-drum design

Quantum memory works at room temperature

Single photon stored in warm caesium atoms

Rotating cylinder puts a new spin on slow light

First time for rotary "photon drag", researchers claim

'Carpet' makes objects invisible to sound

Acoustic cloak is the first to work in air

Testing nuclear materials on the nanoscale

Results could help in the design of new materials for nuclear applications

Galaxy classification is out of tune, say astronomers

Are some galaxies spinning faster than we thought?