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News: January 2012

Heating cools a semiconductor

Laser technique used on solid for first time

Ancient Islamic architects created perfect quasicrystals

Patterns made with nothing more than a compass and a straight edge

Rydberg atom simulates Trojan asteroids

Jupiter's companions recreated on an atomic scale

Carbon membranes excel at separating liquids

Ultrathin films have highly selective permeability

Graphene could be a perfect absorber of light

Periodic patterning confines light, claim physicists

Online tools are 'distraction' for science

Report says journals remain "the gold standard" for disseminating results

Plasmonic metamaterials could make 'gecko toes'

Simulation reveals surprising attraction

Isotopic purity boosts graphene's heat conduction

Pure carbon-12 is a better conductor

Neutrons revive Heisenberg's first take on uncertainty

Experiment quantifies error and disturbance

Early supermassive black holes could grow it alone

Simulation shows cold gas boosts growth

Cell softening could promote tumour growth

Simulations show how mechanical change promotes cell division

Nanotube bundles could boost solar cells

Material performs the two important steps for generating current

Kepler space telescope could find exomoons

Distant satellites could point to extraterrestrial life

Copper collisions create much strangeness

Discovery backs quark–gluon-plasma interpretation

Mystery surrounds death of Oxford astrophysicist

Police arrest 49-year-old man in connection with incident

Invisibility cloak gives sound performance

Acoustic device provides best cloaking yet

White dwarfs eaten in supernova flare-up

Type 1a supernova left no survivors

Three new maps shine light on dark matter

Maps created by studying the gravitational distortion of light from distant galaxies

Introducing the 'nano-ear'

Trapped nanoparticle could listen to micro-organisms

Rolling microcapsules repair damaged surfaces

Nanoparticles delivered to cracks and defects

Temperatures set to plummet thanks to new cooling scheme

Frigid lattices could lead to new insights in superconductivity

Ohm's law holds down to atomic scale

Wire just four atoms thick eschews quantum effects

Was a metamaterial lurking in the primordial universe?

Extreme magnetic fields could create superlens just after the Big Bang

Ice avalanche enters the lab

Experiment explores the underlying physics of ice flow

Bulging fibre excels at storing light

New device could improve optical communications