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News: November 2012

Light bends itself round corners

Beams travel along parabolic and elliptical paths

Complex 3D nanostructures built using DNA bricks

'LEGO' assembly technique takes DNA nanotech to a higher level

Table-top test targets quantum foam

Single photons could shed light on quantum gravity

Italy cancels €1bn SuperB collider

Italian government pulls funding for particle accelerator

Physicists claim microwave-imaging 'breakthrough'

Thermoacoustic technique could be used on patients within five years

Ultralight fractal structures could bear heavy loads

Structures could be easily fabricated using 3D printing techniques

Quantum-dot photodetector offers short cut for electrons

New device dispenses with conventional thin-film architecture

Tiny sensor measures mass and temperature

Device could detect single viruses and be used for environmental monitoring

Smart cloak deforms to keep objects invisible

Broadband device shields objects from microwaves

Paul Frampton hit by 56-month drugs sentence

"Honeytrap" physicist jailed by court in Buenos Aires

Single fibre sees where no endoscope has gone before

Instrument can make holographic measurements of tissue with micron resolution

BaBar makes first direct measurement of time-reversal violation

Result is statistically significant and consistent with indirect observations

Toshiba sends quantum keys long distances on busy fibres

Precise timing makes quantum communications possible on ordinary telecom networks

Siemens and Bosch pull out of major African solar initiative

Desertec Industrial Initiative suffers potential setback

Nanotube yarn flexes its muscles

Heat-sensitive fibres could lead to intelligent textiles

Millikelvin cooling of large molecules is no myth

Sisyphus provides inspiration for chilling technique

Quantum dots entangled with single photons

Breakthrough could boost quantum communication

Vibrating molecule drives a motor

"Stochastic resonance" could power tiny machines

How Earth's wandering poles return home

Combination of two mechanisms bring poles back to original location

Nanocrystals produce hydrogen using sunlight

New artificial photosynthesis process is very stable

Physicists peek through opaque materials

New technique helps to reveal fluorescent objects

Bill Foster regains US Congress seat

Former Fermilab physicist beats Republican challenger in Illinios

Quantum corrections could boost combustion models

How to lower the risk of hydrogen explosions at nuclear plants

Highly charged ions could make better atomic clock

Proposed timekeeper will put fine-structure constant to the test

Earth's magnetic shield behaves like a sieve

Cluster-mission data analysis points to a "porous" magnetopause

Improved diamond-anvil cell allows higher pressures than ever before

Scientists generate 640 GPa and push towards pressures at the core of gas giants

Spooky action with twisted beams

New research brings macroscopic entanglement a step closer