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News: March 2012

Fossilized raindrops dampen theory of ancient warming

Atmospheric pressure was not higher 2.7 billion years ago

'Nanorefrigerator' is cooled using sunlight

Quantum dots get electrons hopping

Quantum interference: the movie

Physicists watch as giant molecules behave like waves

Can GPS find variations in Planck's constant?

Satellites put limit on violation of general relativity, claim physicists

Further doubts cast over lunar formation models

More isotopic similarities between Earth and Moon found

Fermilab told to rein in planned neutrino experiment

LBNE will need "phased approach" after suffering funding setback

Electron tomography peers into the nanoworld

Nanoparticles imaged in 3D with atomic resolution for the first time

How to hide from a magnetic field

Researchers build the first ever practical exact cloak

Proteins wander through whorls and vortices

Self-organized system could shed light on collective behaviour

Robot jellyfish fuelled by hydrogen

Swimmer has artificial muscles based on carbon nanotubes

Physicists look round corners in 3D

Laser pulses reconstruct image of hidden artist's mannequin

Laser writer makes graphene supercapacitors

Devices could power flexible and portable electronics

Neutrino-based communication is a first

Data transmitted 1 km using elusive particles

'Designer' graphene makes its debut

Artificial form of 2D material sheds light on Dirac fermions

Graphene simulated using ultracold atoms

Creation of Dirac points is a first

Dineutron emission seen for the first time

Rare decay glimpsed in unstable beryllium

Department of Energy boost for small nuclear reactors

Three firms to build modular power plants at US site

Reeling in cheap plastic solar film

UK start-up creates printable, thin-film solar cells

Wiping data will cost you energy

Landauer principle confirmed after more than 50 years

Daya Bay nails neutrino oscillation

Chinese–US experiment achieves best measurement yet of key neutrino mixing angle

Graphene in new ‘battery’ breakthrough?

Cell harvests thermal energy from its surroundings

LED converts heat into light

Device has an "efficiency" of greater than 200%

Internal structure of antihydrogen probed for the first time

ALPHA experiment makes rapid advances in demystifying antimatter

Physicists put a new twist on radio

Fusilli-shaped waves could boost wireless capacity

Topological quantum computing moves closer

Error correction demonstrated for first time in the lab

Isotope separation with a light touch

Lithium-7 could be isolated without toxic mercury

Could graphynes be better than graphene?

2D carbon-based materials could have exotic electronic properties