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News: April 2012

Single laser makes many colours

New design is based on quantum dots

New material filters and polarizes terahertz radiation

Stacked layers of graphene could make effective shields

Quirky solar cell sets new efficiency record

Increased light emission boosts cell performance

Germany sends optical-clock signal over nearly 1000 km

New technique is first step towards pan-European network for connecting optical clocks

Graphene emits infrared light

Population inversion and optical gain spotted in wonder material

Gamma rays hint at dark matter

Clever analysis points to new particles in Fermi-satellite data

Cosmic-ray theory gets the cold shoulder

IceCube sees no neutrinos from gamma-ray bursts

Supercomputers provide new insight into charge–parity violation

Kaon decay process simulated and computationally verified

'Magnetic Josephson effect' seen for the first time

Magnetic flux tunnels through superconductor

First hint of Majorana fermions spotted in nanowires

Elusive particle emerges from topological superconductor

Introducing the 'orbiton'

New quasiparticle emerges from 1D lattice

New single-photon source could boost quantum cryptography

Simple and reliable device is based on LED technology

Dirac cones could exist in bismuth–antimony films

Band structures could be engineered to create a range of electronic devices

Exotic explanation for Pioneer anomaly ruled out

Simulations confirm thermal emissions are accelerating spacecraft

Astronomers peer into stellar sandstorms

New observations give insight into life-cycles of stars

Reflective roofs and pavements could fight climate change

Cool surfaces could lower global temperatures by 0.07 °C

Linear-collider teams join in rivalry

New board and director for linear-collider design effort

Ultrasound waves with a twist

Research proves fundamental relationship between properties of waves

Graphene capsule reveals nanocrystal growth in action

Researchers can now "see" more clearly through liquid cells

Rapidly spotting major earthquakes using GPS

New system could identify major quakes within minutes

Nanomachines could benefit from superlubricity

Ultra-low friction seen on the microscale

'Superradiant' laser created for first time

Breakthrough could boost performance of optical and atomic clocks

Entropy hits the right notes

Physicist develops new technique for tuning musical instruments

Electrons tunnel nicely through boron nitride

Material could find use in tunnel devices and ultrafast transistors