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News: January 2013

Human hearing is highly nonlinear

Ability to determine pitch and timing of sounds beats uncertainty limit

Neutrons on a lab bench

Laser device could provide compact intense source of neutrons

Source produces indistinguishable electrons

Technique could help entangle electrons in the future

Nanosilicon produces hydrogen on demand

Technique requires no heat, light or electricity

Laser pulses cool semiconductor

New fridge could chill satellite sensors

Optical tractor beam sorts tiny particles

Beads are pushed or pulled depending on their size

Digital files stored and retrieved using DNA memory

Double-helix archive could preserve vast amounts of data

Single molecules detected with plasmonic metamaterial

Phase measurement boosts sensitivity

Lasers could chill antihydrogen

New method could cool antimatter to millikelvin temperatures

Nanowires make good solar cells

Research could lead to cheap and flexible devices

Physicists create SQUID-like Bose–Einstein condensate

Ultracold atoms could measure rotation

Physicists seek cosmic domain walls

Structures created just after the Big Bang could be detected on Earth

Pulsed lasers could make proton therapy more accessible

System could also be used to study ultrafast chemistry

Fires ravage Siding Spring Observatory

Site closed for two weeks until full assessments are made

How many dominoes will topple a cathedral tower?

Theoretical study inspired by science quiz

Nanoantenna array steers light

New structures could be used to make 3D holography displays

Proteins boost quantum coherence in bacteria

Study sheds new light on photosynthesis

Somersaulting film generates electricity

Energy is harvested from water vapour

Physicist homes in on universe's earliest magnetic fields

How primordial magnetism arose out of nothing

Muon-capture measurement backs QCD prediction

Complex calculations pass experimental test

'Boson sampling' offers shortcut to quantum computing

Optical device could outstrip classical computers

Heat flows 'backwards' across Josephson junction

Physicists confirm 1965 prediction of thermal effect

Carbon's Hoyle state calculated at long last

Supercomputer simulates "bent state" crucial for nucleosynthesis

Thorium could help alien life emerge

Surfeit of radioactivity could warm exoplanets