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News: August 2016

US board gives student assistants unionization rights

Decision overturns a 2004 ruling, but university representatives disagree with verdict

Seismic 'weather bomb' lights up Earth's interior

Rare deep-Earth tremor caused by storms useful for seismic tomography

Nobel laureate James Cronin dies at 84

Particle-physics pioneer co-discovered CP-symmetry violation in decaying K mesons

Nonlinear optical quantum-computing scheme makes a comeback

"Cross-Kerr nonlinearities" could be used to create quantum-logic gate, say physicists

Giant two-atom molecules are the size of bacteria

Rydberg macrodimer is a quantum-mechanical gold mine

Rocky planet found in habitable zone around Sun's nearest neighbour

Earth-mass planet – which could have liquid water on its surface – orbits Proxima Centauri

Magnetic bacteria target hard-to-treat tumours

New technique transports drugs into solid cancers

Optical link connects atomic clocks over 1400 km of fibre

Connection is important step towards European network of ultra-precise timekeepers

UK Atomic Energy Authority gets a new chief executive

Ian Chapman takes over at a tricky time for agency that develops nuclear fusion energy technology

Quantum mechanics trumps nonlocal causality

Action at a distance alone cannot explain quantum entanglement

Proton radius mystery deepens as deuterium measurement comes up short

Smaller than expected radius of nucleus puzzles physicists

China launches world's first quantum science satellite

QUESS mission will test the feasibility of quantum communication between ground and space

Entangled Hawking radiation spotted in analogue black hole

Quantized sound emerges from Bose–Einstein condensate

Brittle quasicrystals become ductile at the nanoscale

Experiments show that "dislocation glide" dominates quasicrystal deformation

X-ray pulsars plot the way for deep-space GPS

New method could be autonomous, increasing the capabilities of future interstellar missions

Physics meeting relocated due to discriminatory law

Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics conference will not take place in Charlotte, North Carolina

Construction starts on huge Chinese cosmic-ray observatory

Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory will attempt to understand the origin of cosmic rays

US auditors question NASA Mars plans

Government Accountability Office raises concerns over ambitious timescale

Lasers reconfigure the properties of novel metasurface

Switchable material can block or transmit particular wavelengths of light

Job cuts loom at UK's National Physical Laboratory

Up to 15% of staff jobs threatened as lab shifts research priorities

Ion-trap quantum computer is programmable and reconfigurable

Five ions used to run a variety of algorithms including a quantum Fourier transform

First ever supercurrent observed at room temperature

Certain peers are sceptical of the results and say the claims are premature

Single photon simultaneously excites two atoms

Process could be used as a qubit in future quantum-information processes