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News: August 2001

Six of the best for gravitational lens

A distant galaxy is imaged six times by the strong gravity of a galactic cluster

Bigger buckyballs bolster superconductivity

Physicists double the temperature at which carbon-60 can superconduct

Quantum entanglement gets a laser-like lift

Entangled photons are amplified for the first time

Fragment of ancient asteroid falls to Earth

A carbon-rich meteorite may be the first fragment ever found of a primitive class of asteroids

Lasers energise fusion research

A new way of kick-starting fusion could allow scientists to harness the powerful energy source

Silicon LED strides ahead

Solar cell technology yields a super-efficient silicon device for optoelectronics

Sir Fred Hoyle 1915 - 2001

The astronomer who coined the phrase 'big bang' dies at 86

First hints of novel nuclei

Physicists create a heavy isotope of hydrogen and a 'doubly strange' nucleus

New nano-technique hits the bull's-eye

A model bull just micrometres long shows the potential of a new micro-fabrication technique

Mars-sized object probably created the Moon

A planetary projectile could explain the features of the modern Earth and Moon

Ion strings make brilliant beams

Preventing collisions is the key to super-stable ion beams

When is a constant not a constant?

A fluctuating fine structure constant could cast doubt on many physical models

Hälg prize rewards neutron scattering in Europe

Institute Laue Langevin physicist bags the biannual prize

Did interplanetary dust seed life on Earth?

Dust grains are more likely to have initiated life than comet impacts

Jupiter helps to explain planets around multiple stars

A modified theory of planet formation accounts for extra-solar planets

First snapshot of superconductor twisters

Troublesome magnetic vortices can now be anchored by crystal defects

Biophysicist scoops 2001 Dirac medal

Physics-based calculations branch out into biology to win the Italian prize

Counting photons in a flash

New photon detector could spot faulty computer parts and aid communication from Mars

Helping 'big G' get back on track

New measurements suggest that the gravitational constant is too small

Condensates create Josephson arrays

A network of superconducting junctions could give insights into diverse fields of science

Can phonons help explain high-temperature superconductivity?

Phonons may hold the key to the behaviour of the cuprate superconductors

Element 118 disappears two years after it was discovered

Physicists fail to repeat the ground-breaking experiment that created the heaviest element