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News: May 2005

Spontaneous improvements on the horizon

Controlling the spontaneous emission of light could improve the performance of solar cells, LEDs and other devices

Solving three mysteries at once

Planetary scientists believe that changes in the orbits of Saturn and Jupiter can explain three different puzzles about the solar system

Amino acids meet electronics

Researchers have shown that inorganic surfaces can trap peptide chains

Lattice trap improves optical clocks

Strontium atoms confined in an optical lattice could revolutionize timekeeping

Tackling hospital epidemics

Techniques from physics have been used to model the spread of MRSA and other diseases in hospitals

New isotope doubles up

Zinc-54 has been seen in an experiment for the first time

Dots for data storage

New technique could double magnetic storage capacities

Particle physicists discover new meson

Hybrid meson was first predicted 25 years ago but has never been seen before

Physicists tackle polluted rivers

New technique can pinpoint the source of chemical pollutants

Art turns to thermodynamics

Computer simulations could help date paintings and spot fakes

Taking a close look at Titan

Cassini mission sheds new light on Saturn’s largest moon

A recipe for making strings in the lab

Experiments with ultracold gases could provide insights into supersymmetry

Microscopes reach new depths

AFMs go beneath the surface of liquids

Quantum cryptography tackles video

Single-photon system offers secure links over fibre networks

How to make a blockbuster

Physicists discover universal law to describe movie earnings

Lens makers go flat out

Polymers offer new way to make variable focus devices

Looking inside glass

Neutrons reveal first signs of long-range order in glassy materials

Electromechanical microscope nudges the nanoscale

Piezoelectric effect offers a new way to study biomaterials