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News: June 2005

How do solids melt?

Colloid crystals shed new light on the transition from solid to liquid

Magnetic surprise for liquids

Magnetic moments come and go in Mercury and other liquid metals

Europe beats Japan to ITER prize

Massive fusion experiment will be built at Cadarache in France

Plasma accelerators move on

Lasers take electrons to record energies for table-top devices

New limits for exotic molecules

It is not possible to make a hydrogen-antihydrogen molecule

Vortices seen in Fermi gas

Clear evidence for a new type of superfluid has been seen in a rotating ultracold gas

Jack Kilby: 1923--2005

Inventor of the integrated circuit dies at 81

Strange turn for protons

Short-lived strange quarks are needed to explain the structure of protons

Superconducting nanowires pulse to a new beat

Devices made with DNA templates exhibit novel forms of resistance oscillations

Entanglement made simple

Researchers have demonstrated quantum entanglement in six dimensions

Background neutrinos join the limelight

Astrophysicists have seen evidence for tiny ripples in the cosmic neutrino background

"Magic" numbers remain magic

Experiments on silicon-42 nuclei shed new light on the nucleus

"Smoking" grass leads to nanotubes

Researchers in China have reported a novel way to make carbon nanotubes

X-rays reveal more about exotic atoms

Particle physicists have explored a form of hydrogen in which the electron is replaced by a negative kaon

Molecular surprise in one dimension

Ultracold atoms reveal novel behaviour in optical lattice

Propane powers fuel cells

Self-heating device offers new possibilities for portable devices

US bubble set to burst

More than 20 states could experience a crash in house prices next year

Oxygen loses its magnetism under pressure

A solid-state transformation that physicists had long thought might occur has finally been observed

New light on early stars

'First generation stars' may have formed from the explosion of an older star

How animals find things

Physicists have discovered the fastest way to find a hidden object