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Superconducting quantum-dot turnstile singles out electrons

Device could be used for quantum-metrology applications

New algorithm puts time-scrambled data into chronological order

Technique developed for molecular dynamics could be used in climate science and astronomy

Buckyball pioneer Harold Kroto dies at 76

Nobel-prize-winning chemist created ball-shaped molecules to better understand interstellar clouds

Laser spectroscopy determines sex of a chicken egg

New technique could improve animal welfare

Are wormholes or 'gravastars' mimicking gravitational-wave signals from black holes?

LIGO experiment could have detected signal from 'exotic' compact celestial object

Why quantum cryptography could be a one-way street

Physicists show asymmetry in nonlocality of quantum states

Consortium sets out to build European laser plasma accelerator

EuPRAXIA aims to put compact electron accelerator on scientific facility road map

Quantum filter integrates 20,000 Josephson junctions

SQIFs could be used as radio-frequency detectors

Magnetic vortices record history of Earth's magnetic field

Ancient rock record remains unaltered by vast temperature fluctuations

Graphene doped with hydrogen reveals its magnetism

Long-range magnetic order prevalent across the lattice at 5 K

Supernova sediments still rain down on Earth and the Moon

New evidence confirms multiple supernova explosions took place in the solar system's neighbourhood relatively recently

Carbon nanotubes light up on photonic chips

Nanotube-integrated waveguide could easily be adapted into optical circuits of the future

Theorizing about the LHC's 750 GeV bump

Four new papers try to explain a tantalizing excess of photon pairs

'Cool' Saharan ants' silver hairs cause total internal reflection

Desert-dwelling ant can survive temperatures of more than 50 °C because body hairs reflect light and stop them from overheating

Patterned liquid crystals guide light through planar lens

Research could help to develop "smart" glass of the future